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Prešovská 39
821 08 Bratislava
Slovak Republik

The civic association TOP CENTRUM PODNIKATELIEK was established on 5 September 2001 and functions as an independent organization, bringing together women entrepreneurs regardless of their political affiliation, religion, nationality and race.


  1. To encourage the participation of women – entrepreneurs in  economic and public life, both in Slovakia and internationally.
  2. To be involved in public life with the aim to create conditions necessary to ensure the functioning of family businesses, industrial businesses, commercial or agricultural companies and art agencies in such a way that they are considered joint husband-and-wife activities.
  3. To develop activities related to the awareness of women entrepreneurs concerning the possibilities and functions they can perform, help increase their confidence in professional activities and support their initiatives, work in state and public functions, highlighting the economic effect of such activities.
  4. To cooperate with partners in professional associations, syndicates and chambers of commerce to create improved legislative conditions for the functioning of private companies and family businesses.
  5. To assemble and, according to need, distribute documentation relating to entrepreneurial support as well as articles and material about women to members of Top Centrum Podnikateliek entrepreneurs.
  6. To point out all types of discrimination, direct and indirect, assist in its elimination and initiate legislative changes in this field.
  7. To promote the principle of equality in all areas of society.
  8. To facilitate the exchange of experiences between entrepreneurs in Slovakia and those abroad, organize congresses, conferences, seminars, discussions with important personalities and workshops at international level with the aim of helping Slovak women entrepreneurs achieve success in foreign markets.

OZ TCP carries out its activities by means of regular clubs (1x month), business life clubs and Business Coctails.
It organizes workshops, conferences, days for women entrepreneurs and entrepreneurial forums (Rome, Prague, Monaco, New York, Bolzano, Merano).
It educates members through the Akadémie pre malé firmy (Small Business Academy) by means of  presentations, and online.

TCP cooperates with:

  • MAPM – Moravian Association of Women Entrepreneurs and Managers
  • Womenʼs forum, Czech Republic
  • Womenʼs club, Czech Managers Association
  • German and Austrian association of women entrepreneurs
  • Womenʼs committee for the Chamber of Commerce, Udine
  • Eurodialogue Association, NGO, Bulgaria
  • Institute of Sociology, Bulgaria
  • Diktuo of businesswomen of the ergani centre, Greece
  • Civic Association of Professional Women
  • Association for culture and communication
  • VdU Germany
  • OZ Minerva, Czech Republic
  • NAWBO – USA and other European associations.


  • organization of 4th International Conference – Bratislava, January 2003 in cooperation with MAPM
  • participation in 5th International Conference "Woman – a creative personality of the 3rd millennium" – Brno, January 2004
  • organization of workshop "Development of Communication and Relationship Skills in Challenging Situations", Tatranská Lesná, 8 – 10 May 2003 - 1st part, 2-4 October 2003 - 2nd part
  • participation in 7th day of women entrepreneurs in Oberhausen, Germany – April 2003
  • participation in 1st day of women entrepreneurs in Vienna, Austria – October 2003
  • co-participation in organizing the competition "Excellent Woman Entrepreneur" with the National Agency for Small and Medium Enterprises 2003 - 2010
  • organization of international workshop "Developing networking in Europe" – Bratislava, 16-18 April 2004
  • organization of international workshop of participating parties in Sofia – October 2004
  • counselling services
  • publication of information bulletin Spravodaj TCP
  • participation in the international workshop "Correct Methods and Processes for Women Entrepreneurs on Regional, National and European Level" – Lignano, 8-11 May 2004, I WIN (Interregional women initiative network – International network for women entrepreneurs)
  • organization of the workshop Personality Development for Women Entrepreneurs
  • organization of Day of Businesswomen in Slovak and Czech Republic since 2004
  • co-organizers of the conference in New York "Woman – a creative personality of the 3rd millennium" in 2009
  • co-organizers of the conference in Nairobi "Woman – an economic gateway to Africa“ – 2011-04-11
  • European day of businesswomen and managers – Bratislava SR – 2012
  • EXPO Milan – presentation of Slovak women entrepreneurs at the World Trade Fair
  • Business Cocktails - Budapest, Prague since 2011 – 2x per year
  • Opening of TCP clubs – Rome, Herissau (Switzerland) in 2014
  • Visit to the Permanent Mission of Slovakia and the UN – Viedeň 2015
  • Participation at the OSCE meeting – Vienna 2015
  • Visit to the Slovak Institute – Vienna 2015
  • Day of Women Entrepreneurs and Managers (Support for women in regions) – Prešov, Košice 2016

OZ TCP is a partner in the competition Podnikateľka Slovenska (Businesswoman of Slovakia) and the Slovak nationwide opinion poll Slovenka roka (Slovak Woman of the year)


Mentoring – in cooperation with partner organizations and media

Motivational workshops in regional counselling centres

Spravodaj TCP – information, counselling

Establishment of OZ TCP in Czech Republic – 2010

Regional TCP centres:

  • Slovak Republic - Levice,  Žilina, Lučenec, Prešov, Bratislava, Banská Bystrica
  • Czech Republic - Prague, Brno

TCP clubs are places where regular meetings of members and important guests from the fields of economy, politics, cultural and social life are held. Exchanging work and personal experiences forms an important part of their activities.

PhDr. Elvíra Chadimová, president
00421 905 614902
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Natália Bugyi Vicsápiová,vicepresident
00421 918 110 811
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